Life doesn’t come with trigger warnings, and neither should college


I refuse to send my kids to any college that is dealing with this PC, safe space, Title IX, trigger warning, micro-aggression NONSENSE!! I hope all of the fascists devour themselves in their little temper tantrum revolution going on right now.

It’s only going to ensure a republican sweep of state houses, governorships and, um…the presidency (and then the Supreme Court nominees). Keep it up comrades! People are tired of ultra liberal PC whining right about now.

Someone needs to say “ENOUGH!!!”

As some have said to me a while ago…MAN UP! Someone has to be on charge. I sure as hell would never allow my kids to run my home. Why let bratty rich privileged white AND BLACK kids(and all others) run a college?!?!?

Sit your ass down and learn a few things.
Once they graduate, there are no safe spaces. Huckleberry Finn and Uncle Tom’s a Cabin will have words that certainly will offend and no one will pull them off the shelves because there is no trigger warning on the bookshelf. Someone will call you fat, ugly, stupid, dumb and possibly the..N word…eventually. No, you can’t run to the police. And bad sex sure ain’t always “sexual assault.”

I saw this nonsense coming when I first learned about enthusiastic consent from cults 5 years ago. I saw it all unfold.

Now it’s coming back to bite them in the tooshie (is that word safe spaced enough to not trigger a warning?)




And we have stuff like this:

At Wellesley, controversy erupted when a sculpture depicting a pale man sleepwalking in his underwear appeared on campus. Hundreds of students signed a petition to have it moved, calling it “a source of apprehension, fear, and triggering thoughts regarding sexual assault.” To her credit, the university’s president declined to have the sculpture moved.

At Brown, a campus debate on sexual assault alarmed students who worried one of the speakers would offend rape survivors. They protested to the school’s president, who then scheduled a simultaneous panel discussion to reflect their point of view.

In April, the Asian-American Students Association at Brandeis shone a spotlight on microaggressions with a display of the stupid things people say to Asians (“Why do you all hang out together?”). But other Asian-American students felt the display itself was a microaggression. Rather than debating that absurd position, the association apologized and removed the installation.

This all starts with good intentions: It’s laudable to want to protect trauma survivors. And it makes sense for a professor so inclined to give a heads-up that material might be graphic or disturbing. But it’s a short hop from noble goals to absurd practices: demands for trigger warnings for “The Great Gatsby”; a professor disciplined for using the term “wetback” in a lesson on racism; official sexual assault policies at Tufts and Brandeis that come with their own trigger warnings (because reading them could make you think of assault, which might be upsetting).

The absurd can get serious fast. Harvard Law professor Jeannie Suk has written of students requesting that the topic of rape law be excluded from their exams lest they be traumatized and underperform. Fearing career-threatening student complaints, Suk wrote, new teachers are not teaching rape law at all.

Is this what we really want? To have law students discomfited by talk of rape forcing teachers to forgo the subject entirely?

I feel bad for your schools. Trying to comply with expansive federal laws against discrimination and protect free speech, they are erring on the side of the former, and in so doing are abandoning their missions — the free, and sometimes fractious, exchange of ideas.

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