Marriage Is For Broke Men Only!

Why should a man with money, power, status and confidence get married? What is in it for men like this? Why should men commit to a woman at all? I mean, really?!

We can get sex from women on a regular basis because women are giving it up like it is Halloween. Many women feel they can act like men and “hook up” with guys. Ok cool! We can be serial “hook-uppers” and move from woman to woman. The women get hooked and the guys keep it moving.

I would love to read the responses to the question…why should a man commit? Yes, most people would say love. OK, you can love, but not commit. Tell me, can you love more than one person in your life at one time?

Why should a man marry a woman? I have several good reasons, but they have nothing to do with love. In fact, from the state’s perspective, marriage as NOTHING to do with love. Where on the marriage license does it ask if you love your future spouse? Where in domestic relations law does it mention love?

Let me break it down to you…it DOESN’T say it anywhere in ANY state.

So, again, why should a man get married? What are you bringing to the table in 2013 other than sex? I think it is time to re-think how we view relationships and ask some really hard questions.

If we are getting the milk for free, why should we EVER buy the cow?

Listen to my man Tommy and get back to me:

1 comment for “Marriage Is For Broke Men Only!

  1. kashdoller
    July 26, 2013 at 7:51 AM

    This guy is exactly right, but I’ve been saying this for a while now. There is zero incentive for a man, I don’t care what race he is, to get married, period. A man with nothing is the only ones that have any incentive to get married. Even a man with nothing might have career aspirations and future plans and if they get divorced, guess who is getting half (or more) to that?

    Actually sad to say it’s not even worth risking having kids with them anymore, married or not. I mean you have to be REALLY GOD DAMN SURE that this woman will stay with him. And I’m not sure one person can ever really be that sure for enough of an investment as a kid because the law will allow her to take that kid away from him and make him pay for it on top of it so quick his head will spin.

    Not worth it.

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