No Offense…but…

“Look at my African-American over here.”!!!

I’m going to call the “Clue Clucks Clan” the next time I see one of them at a Trump rally.

I remember back in the day when someone wanted to talk about black people with me, they would start out with, “No offense but, those NIGGERS over there get on my nerves!”

Well, no offense but, if you “identify” as a republican, and actually support a man who isn’t even a republican, nor a conservative, you are just as dumb as he is. In fact, you’re an a$$hole and probably a racist to your ugly, rotten core.

Oh, did I offend you? Oh… I’m not talking about YOU, it’s those people!

Hey folks, enjoy the show. He has no plans on being president and he won’t last long if he wins. He’s in the news every day because the media loves this. He’s truly entertaining.


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