Obama Cares

This is someone off topic for me since my blog is dedicated towards fatherhood and issues surrounding men and boys in our new millennium…but…I have some thoughts.

So I heard 30 million were supposedly uninsured a few years ago. 5 million are enrolled (supposedly). Are the other 25 million going to pay the penalty, I mean, TAX?

Somebody came up with a great name but I’m not sure how affordable this care really is. The premiums are REALLY expensive (unless you get a 1 year rebate from the Feds). Are these subsidies permanent or based on your income each year? Why is you health insurance tied to how much you make and not your physical condition and risk?

There was plenty of opposition and lawsuits but the act is still in place. The longer it is a law, the more it seems to be dismantled bit by bit.

Delays, exemptions for certain businesses, unions don’t have to worry for a few years, website issues, incredibly complex applications, confusing subsidies, delays, delays, delays and misleading messages from the leader of the free world.

If I were a Republican, I’d be quiet and I’d be salivating when election time rolls around. Let these people hang themselves. Poor Democrats.

Didn’t anyone think this through?

Someone please explain what I’m missing or don’t get. I’ve been trying to understand but it’s not making any sense.

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