Parenting is a Team Sport


An excerpt from: Parenting is a Team Sport, Thy Black Men are Not Storks, and We Need a Fatherhood Bailout –  found on

When I consider these lessons of manhood that I’ve been able to take for granted, I feel horribly for many of the young boys and girls in our communities. Too many of our boys don’t get the chance to learn the principles of manhood at an early age, and end up feeling lost in a world where manhood requires courage, focus, dedication, commitment, intelligence and vision. It’s a warzone out there, especially for black men, who are fighting for resources in a society that wants to see us dead or in prison.

……I encourage mothers to always appreciate and respect the value of a dad. The “I can do it all by myself” mindset is empowering in some ways, but debilitating in others. The presence of consistent and involved role models of both genders is critical to raising a balanced and intelligent human being. Your kids may seem to be OK without having their father around, but the truth is that you won’t see much of the psychological damage for another 15 years.

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