Paying child support for another man’s child


Davenport man is protesting a state law that requires him to financially support a child that’s not his.

Joe Vandusen received a letter this month from the Iowa Department of Human Services notifying him that he would have to pay child support for his estranged wife’s child, even though he is not the father, according to The Des Moines Register.

Vandusen, 45, said he and his wife split up without filing an official divorce and have hardly talked in the last 15 years. The child Vandusen is expected to help support is about 1 year old, he said.

Vandusen contacted the Department of Human Services’ Child Support Recovery Unit to say he’s not the biological father of his wife’s child, and he offered to take a paternity test to prove it. He said he was told it didn’t matter according to state law.

“They said since I’m still legally married, I’m going to be responsible for the child support,” Vandusen said.

The Register could not reach state officials for comment, but WQAD-TV in Davenport reported that a Human Services spokesperson said in a case like Vandusen’s, the husband is considered the legal father of his wife’s child.

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