Potty-Mouthed Princesses


Enough has already been said about this silly video. I will have Barbra Kay summarize how I feel below…and her words are just a few I agreed with. I’d speak out more on this but you can read this, this , this and this to get a feel on how ridiculous this video and gender feminism is. Good grief!

Barbara Kay: Feminist video turns to child abuse to send distorted message

Barbara Kay | October 24, 2014 10:28 AM ET An excerpt from this article: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2014/10/24/barbara-kay-feminist-video-turns-to-child-abuse-to-send-distorted-message/

To be okay with this video, you’d have to be okay with children serving as adults’ toys, for whatever purpose adults want, in this case to embody the need for gender justice through the creative juxtaposition of childhood “innocence” with adult “knowing” through the “irony” of “adult” entertainment. To do that, you have to take young children who shouldn’t be thinking or expressing certain kinds of adult thoughts, and then get them to act as if it was their custom and normal to do so. Wink wink wink wink wink.

So what’s so objectionable? Where to begin? There’s adult women thinking it’s cool to have young girls – we’re talking nine or ten here – rapping like snarling, alienated “gangstas” with every third word out of their mouth f***, f***ing, f***ed-up or mother***er to show how “down” they are with badass ‘tude. There’s white women thinking it’s awesomely creative to have white girls (with a token Asian and a token black) puttin’ it out there like hip-hop “hos.” There’s feminists thinking it’s cool to have children posing and pouting like jaded hook-up queens, only – omg, we’re so clever and ironic – dressed in the kind of princess outfits that are all the rage for *pre-sexual* children.Little girls talking like sluts, so inviting the kind of attention one normally gives sluts (not that there is supposed to be anything wrong with that, but there is when it’s children). In the parlance, wouldn’t you say that’s kind of “rapey”?

The words “crude,” “coarse” and “indecent” do not begin to convey the negative effect of this assault on the sensible viewer’s eyes and ears. But the word “falsehoods” is a good beginning. Not a single statement of alleged fact in the video is true. Deconstruction of the pay inequality myth and the one-in-five sexual assault canard have been handily dealt with many times by credible analysts and with irrefutable data.

And nobody is teaching their sons to rape, so there is no need to “start” teaching them not to. And by the way, nobody is making little girls yearn to own and wear princess dresses or enjoy being pretty. They just do, and that’s a real fact. Which is, you know, kind of ironic.

This video is not only a prime example of child abuse – any parent who lets their nine year old child watch this crap should seriously interrogate his or her parental judgment and maturity, and the parents who allowed their daughters to take part in it should have their heads examined – its tone simply exudes misandry.

Read the entire piece HERE

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