Problems of boys, men show no sign of improving


An excerpt from THIS article

‘In 1980, just 12 percent of boys said they did not like school very much at all, according to a study by the Institute of Social Research at the University of Michigan. By 1991, the percentage of boys who disliked school doubled, zooming to 24 percent.

Schools come down hard on boys who are often rambunctious, messy, disorganized, and enjoy activity and competitive games. Yet many schools are cutting back on recess and are eliminating games that boys enjoy. “Since the 1990s, many schools have done away with games like dodgeball, red rover, and tag,” finds researcher Christina Hoff Sommers. Some schools even label “tug of war” as “tug of peace.”

As I listened at the restaurant to the guy who dropped out of college, I wondered if his reason for leaving college had a lot to do with boredom and low academic skills. The problems of boys become problems for girls, who find it hard to meet mates who match their educational backgrounds. His girlfriend sure didn’t look happy.’

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