I read all kinds of non-fiction books. I love memoirs especially. This isn’t one exactly but has a lot of autobiographical info.

I often want to figure out what makes people tick and what drives people to do what they do or, what makes them think in a certain way.

I’ve read things I totally disagree with and books written by authors that think like me. I usually tend to walk away with new information that broadens my world view.

I wish more people who consider themselves “liberal” would turn off MSNBC for a few days and read this book. They actually might learn a thing or two and find themselves agreeing with many of the things Mr. Steele writes about.

I must say that I would suggest the book to those who have learned American history first. Re-visit the post WWII years and then you might have a better understanding of this man’s perspective.

I guarantee that after you read this, you will find yourself thinking just a little differently than you did before.

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