Student activist Annie Teriba to resign from political campaigning



An excerpt from HERE:

Annie Teriba, prominent student activist, has released a public statement announcing that she will be “stepping back” from political campaigning and resigning from all prominent political positions after admitting to non-consensual sex.

Teriba released the following statement on her Facebook profile, which she has since deleted. The statement has been reposted by the OUSU Women’s Campaign.

The full statement (which included trigger warnings for sexual assault and sexual violence), reads as follows:

“This statement explains why I will be stepping back from political campaigning from now.

(I owe you a proper explanation, so will go into details here which you may find triggering.)

At this year’s NUS Black Students’ Conference, I had sex with someone. The other party later informed me that the sex was not consensual. I failed to properly establish consent before every act. I apologise sincerely and profoundly for my actions. I should have taken sufficient steps to ensure that everything I did was consensual. I should have been more attentive to the person’s body language. In failing to clarify that the person consented to our entire encounter, I have caused serious irreparable harm.

In a separate incident, in my first year of university, I was alerted to my inappropriate behaviour whilst drunk in a club, where I had touched somebody in a sexual manner without their consent. Therefore this is not an isolated incident. I apologise sincerely and profoundly for my actions.

With these incidents I have rightly lost the trust of those who I organise with and fully intend to work to ensure that I both put my politics into practice in my personal relations and to prove to them that I am committed to transformation. As such, it would be wrong of me to accept platforms and access spaces until I have done so.

In order to ensure the safety of others, I will be taking a number of steps:

i) I breached NUS’s safe spaces policy, so will not be attending future NUS events.

ii) I am resigning from all the political positions I hold – from NCAFC’s National Committee and from the NUS’s Black Students’ Committee, and as editor of the No Heterox** zine and as the People of Colour and Racial Equality Officer at Wadham SU, Oxford.

iii) I will be stepping back from prominent campaigning in other forums, including#RhodesMustFall and rs21.

iv) I commit to getting help with how I consume alcohol. It is clear that I lack self-awareness and become sexually entitled when I am drunk. This does not excuse my actions, I am wholly responsible for the damage that I have caused.

v) I commit to educating myself properly about consent by reading zines and other materials which have kindly been made available to me.

vi) I commit to seeking help from perpetrator organisations – for example, I have taken steps to establish contact with RESPECT and will be seeking out organisations who specifically deal with sexual violence.

I am deeply sorry for the hurt I caused.

Yours, Annie Teriba”

I don’t even know where to begin. I really have a hard time people actually think like this. Is this really feminism in 2015?

FYI – my children will NOT be on any college campus that has to deal with “trigger warnings,” “safe spaces,” “rape culture,” or any campus where you need to make sure your partner requires verbal consent for every step of the mating process. I’m sorry, but the real world does not work this way.

This woman is admitting that she raped someone! Well, was it a woman or a man? Why is she admitting to rape…or is it sexual assault? Why is the OUSU’s Women’s Campaign still framing this as a crime against women when a woman perpetrated the crime and what if it were against a man?

Tell me, does radical feminism and their bizarre rhetoric make ANY sense? Why are we still allowing this kind of rubbish to even be up for debate. These people have truly gone off the deep end.


I’ll leave the commenting up to one person who spelled everything out for me:

Ad Nausica
12th October 2015, 02:12
With all due respect, men are being held up on school charges, kicked out, and unable to get in other schools or jobs with it on their transcript. If this woman thinks she had non-consensual sex she should have herself charged by the school (and maybe police) and have suffer the same consequences.
Is this the precedence for a self-proclaimed rapist? Simply confess your sins and resign your post and that’s it? Is this option going to be offered to others accused of the same thing? I suspect many would take the offer.
Double standards are sexist. Either take the same punishment that everyone gets, or perhaps realize that this sort of behaviour does not actually warrant that level of response, that it is a minor infraction at worst. You can’t have your rape and beat it too.



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