The Power Of Dad

Yeah, It’s an Oral-B commercial. I hate these kinds of things, but I posted this because of the message it sends about the importance fathers and the role we play.

In this blog, I choose to be the total opposite of most of our media. What you tend to see on TV, print media and online are the worst examples of fathers and men. I know there is another side they are not showing. The more light I can expose on the realities of men like my father, my close friends and the millions of other great dads out here being the best dads they can be, the better.

The tag line in this ad says:

Every step of the way, a dad’s had a smile for you
Give him the power to keep it that way.

Well, I wouldn’t even think about a tooth brush as a tool to empower dads.

What tools do dads need to keep a smile on their face? Well…first, I would take a look at how our media portrays bumbling dads, I would look into how out court system is biased towards mothers and how out laws are stuck in an era that resembles the 1950’s, then maybe think deeper about how there is no such thing as “equality” when it comes to expectations of work life balance between men and women. After we did that, then I would update alimony and child support laws to reflect life in modern America, I would advise the courts to assume 50/50 shared parenting post divorce/breakup and I would no longer allow for false accusations to go unpunished and prosecute those who are found guilty of it.

Let’s start there. After we clean up those things, maybe then we can talk about creature comforts like the proper toothbrush for optimal oral hygiene.

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  1. patriarchal landmine
    November 13, 2013 at 2:33 PM

    in the mean time, I would not blame any guy for not wanting to become a dad.

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