The Times They Are A-Changin’

Hey Halle, if you want to leave the country and get married again, nothing is stopping you. You fell in love again, that’s beautiful. I’m happy for you.

Leave your daughter in the USA with her father and pay him child support. What is stopping you from making that move? Oh, you want to take his daughter away from him and live in another country? No, sorry, but this is a new day and age. Fathers actually matter.

Take note fellas. When you fight for custody and you show that you really want to be a committed dad, you can win. It happens every day. More high profile cases are showing up as each year passesI never gave up in my custody battle, and you shouldn’t either. Don’t let the tales of deadbeat dads and family court hell bring you down. You can win.

It is in the best interest of the child to have both a loving, caring mother AND a father.

From TMZ:

Halle Berry just lost big in court — a judge has ruled she cannot permanently move her 4-year-old daughter to France … TMZ has learned.

Halle had been fighting tooth and nail with her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry to bring Nahla to Paris, where Halle wants to live with her fiance Olivier Martinez.

Halle argued the L.A. paparazzi scene made life in California too dangerous for her and her daughter — but today the judge in the case ruled in favor of Gabriel, refusing to let Halle jet to France with their kid.

The full details of the ruling are unclear — but one thing’s for sure … Halle did NOT get what she wanted.

Halle has said from the beginning she never wanted to remove Gabriel from Nahla’s life — she merely believed France would be safer for everyone involved.


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