Verbal or Written Permission Could be Required For College Sex


You’re in the heat of the moment, rounding third, but then you must stop and ask, Can I have your verbal or written consent to have sex with you?

Sounds quite unspontaneous. But a law co-authored by L.A. state Sen. Kevin de Leon would have state-run college campuses establish an “affirmative consent” standard for its students.

According to the language of the bill, SB 967, students who want to have sex must essentially establish that there has been “an affirmative, unambiguous, and conscious decision by each participant to engage in mutually agreed-upon sexual activity.” In fact, the legislation says, …
… It is the responsibility of the person who wants to engage in initiating the sexual activity to ensure that he or she has the consent of the other person to engage in the sexual activity. Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent, nor does silence mean consent.
No more making sexy faces and sounds for you. You’ve got to verbalize. Or get it on paper.

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1 comment for “Verbal or Written Permission Could be Required For College Sex

  1. patriarchal landmine
    June 21, 2014 at 7:33 PM

    expected by law, yes.

    required for the actual act? nope. in fact, it will prevent the act.

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