Women go for men who look like their dads

The next logical question is:

What do the females who have never seen their father look for?

Me with my daughter hanging out a few years ago

Women prefer men that physically resemble their fathers, a new study suggests.

Researchers used a computer model to show that female animals seeking mates with their father’s physical traits tend to have more offspring than animals with no dad preference.

Since a father has, by definition, succeeded in the mating game, looking for males with similar features is a good strategy for finding good partners, according to study co-author Tucker Gilman, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Manchester in England.

“The idea is that if a female has a strategy that’s genetically encoded that causes her to look for mates that are similar to her father, then she gets the advantage of being better able to choose genes that are fit and sexy,” Gilman told ‘LiveScience’.

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