Young men’s guide to campus secessionism, part 2

by Ron Collins @framersqool
August 31, 2014

An excerpt from this article:

….Consider an America with each college or university functioning as its own nation-state, where laws and their applications – literally from one side of a street to another – are subject to differing and contradictory authority:

On one side of that street, anywhere in America, a rape is a crime, not only severely punishable under law upon conviction but also requiring (as with all crimes) a system of due process and legal procedures that establish guilt of criminal actions beyond reasonable doubt as found, unanimously, by a jury of private citizens.

On the other side of that street, rape has now been named a civil-rights violation, a kind of interpersonal tort, to be pursued either by the administrators of a school or by its individual students, or by both.

On one side of the street, sexual crime is considered a grievous and horrific criminal violation of criminal law, an offense against both private well-being and public order.

On the other side (in the local chapter of what ought to be called this “New Republic of Higher Education”), sexual assault, rape, stalking and all the other crimes, while still named by each of the States as serious and punishable crimes, are treated as cases in civil law, as rules violations and civil rights encroachments. Schools have no authority to adjudicate criminal law themselves, and what “investigation” they may be able to undertake may well weaken or destroy any future case brought by State prosecutors.

Judging by current conditions as indicated by a nonstop flow of lawsuits against schools around the country, brought both by those alleging wrongful allegations, and by those alleging legitimate complaints handled ineffectively or illegally, one might say that the policy under campus secessionist rule is essentially, “convict first, conduct low-quality investigation later, bypass the rule of law, and let the civil suits fall where they may.”

But at what point, might some stop and wonder, “where are the police and the criminal courts in all this?”

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  1. patriarchal landmine
    October 29, 2014 at 2:26 AM

    ultimately, women will be responsible for the greatest atrocities in human history.

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