Don’t Talk To The Police!

I recently told my kids about the events from the past two weeks in Louisiana and Minnesota. After a discussion about what happened, I reminded them to never talk to the police.


I tell them over and over again to NEVER EVER talk to the police. I don’t care if you are doing something legal or not. NEVERRRRRRR!!!!! NEVER talk to the police if they ask you any questions. I have several close friends who are cops, former cops and probably future cops and I will tell my kids and anyone reading this that due to the legacy of slavery in this country and the never ending bias against black men especially, talking to the police or even getting into any encounter with any police officer of any color is probably going to do you no good.

It doesn’t matter if the cop is black, brown, white or purple. It is a fact that we have given a certain group of people the legal authority to kill then ask questions about it later…and most likely NOT be held accountable. It is just the reality we live in today.

I tell my kids on a regular basis that the way they will be treated is different than the way their white mother will be treated-simply because they look more like me than her.

The way that my WHITE girlfriend will be treated is different than the way I’ll be treated when we drive together and are stopped by the police. The way police have treated black and brown skinned people for well over a hundred years is well documented and may never change. The only thing I feel we can do is not to interact with them and do whatever is necessary to be as well connected politically in order to gain the wealth and status needed to get out of jail quickly.

The problem is that we might never get to jail if we get shot like Philando Castile.


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