Home with dada

I think this is great. I would love to do the same thing, but compile footage of my nine years of being at home with my kids.

These kinds of moments don’t last for long. Enjoy them while they are young. We all lose our kids during their teenage years. It might be wise to think about the choices we make while our children are young enough to still want to be with us. I sure am enjoying every minute with my kids right now.

The tired phrase, “I want to spend time with my family” is weak and spineless. Usually, people say this when they are caught doing something wrong, or after years of neglecting their kids working hard to chase a dollar. Now that they have retired or have been shamed into quitting, they want to make raising their children a priority. Most of the time it is too late. Your kids are off to college and are already lost.

No, we can’t have it all. Having it all comes with some major sacrifice. I choose to be with my kids now and sacrifice other things that are truly not as important.

Family is the number one priority for me.

THIS is fatherhood:

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