Permanent Maintenance?

This sums up everything. Permanent maintenance makes absolutely NO sense in our modern society. NONE!

I don’t live in NJ, but I know the terror of “spousal maintenance” and how it can destroy lives. My ex wife became a professional alimony collector at the age of 32, at my expense. How is it that a 32 year old women can get “support”, but when a child turns 18 he is considered too mature to receive child support. How is an 18 year old kid more mature than a 32 year old woman? The other issue is that fault-based divorce needs to be brought back. I don’t understand how a person can cheat on you, then expect to get paid for it.

“New Jersey alimony laws are unfair to everyone, women and men alike. Although New Jersey Alimony Reform sympathizes with the frustrations expressed by fathers rights bloggers, we are emphatic that the problem with alimony laws is not about gender, it is about fairness. The current laws are unfair to both women and men.”

“New Jersey Alimony Reform is an organization of women and men who serve as an educational resource to legislators and the public, pointing out the problems, and suggesting ways to restore basic fairness to NJ alimony laws.”

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