I went for a walk in my old neighborhood to get some exercise this morning. I ran into some old neighbors. It’s great to reminisce about the old days (35 years ago or so). Lots of great memories growing up in a relatively new suburban development.

The “good ol’ days…going OUTSIDE to play in the yard, riding your bike everywhere, eating dinner at home with your family, going to a local school, cutting the grass, shoveling the snow…etc. I’ve lived in NYC for 21 years and understand that growing up in the city prior to the 90’s might have been exciting because there was more of a neighborhood vibe and people looked out for each other. Forget it nowadays. It’s helicopter parenting and stupid play dates. I hate it. Plus it costs about a half million dollars a day per kid to take care of them in 2014.

Life was simpler. It wasn’t necessarily easier, or perfect, but from what I remember and from talking to the people I run into from the NEIGHBORhood from that time period, life was pretty good. Yes, there was silly racist nonsense here and there, fights, and other issues that any kids growing up anywhere will deal with. I still have a soft spot for quiet, traffic free, 4 bedroom homes with a basement and a backyard. I just feel more at home in an actual house. One day…just one day I’ll be able to find enough pennies in-between my couch cushions to make that down payment. For now, I’ll enjoy city livin’ as much as I can. There is still more for me to discover here.


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