If Police Come To Your Door Without a Warrant, Shut Them Down Like This Guy

Ya know…the constitution is a pretty powerful document. It is too bad so many people have allowed it to be shred to a million pieces.

The framers of the constitution understood human nature. That is one of the main reasons for the checks and balances. We all have our own agenda and act out of self-interest.

When you allow people to do certain things that will benefit them and possibly be to your detriment, and those people really don’t care about your plight, well…what do you expect?

Stop allowing the city government from getting out of control, stop allowing the state legislature from writing laws that are far-reaching and out-of-bounds (like SB 967) and put a lid on federal government excesses PLEASE!!! Oh yeah, and by the way, don’t talk to the police.

Got it?

Maybe not. You’ll get it once the long arm of the law slaps your ass around a little. Your heart will stop bleeding and will harden up a little to the reality of life in the real world.

If police come to your door and you don’t need their help, you can simply decline to answer. They cannot come into your home without a search warrant.

Even if the police have probable cause, they cannot come in your home without a search warrant.

You might even be a suspect in a criminal investigation. In such a case you should remain silent — except to say “Officer, I can’t let you inside without a search warrant.” Following such an encounter, you should immediately contact a lawyer before speaking to police again.

The fact is that police can legally lie to try and gain access into your home and knowing how to deal with police at your door can go a long way.

A video uploaded to facebook last week by Avel Amarel, shows Amarel doing a great job at shutting down the two officers who tried to gain access to his house. Notice that in the beginning of the video, police try to get Amarel to stop filming. Mission number 1, reduce accountability. Cheers to Amarel for standing his ground.
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/police-door-warrant-shut-guy/#7AqJP1GXHJLApevd.99

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