I often wonder why people still support professional sports teams in this day and age. People say they are fans “ride or die.” People will go down with their team even though they know their team sucks and will suck for the foreseeable future.


I had this discussion with some friends and family a few years ago. What I heard from them is that when you have a certain affinity for a team due to an association from your, family or professional link, then supporting that groups might warrant loyalty. I can understand to a certain degree.

If you attended a university and rooted for the sports teams while you were a student, you might want to continue to support them if you enjoyed your college years and experience. I totally understand.

But…if you were a big Cowboys fan back in the 1970’s and again in the early 90’s, why would you continue to support them when they are a totally different squad? Why would you root for the Lakers when they win 17 games during a season but won 60+ games back in the 80’s? They are totally different teams with different players.

Why would you support the Republican when their current representatives are some of the worst human beings on the planet?

It seems as free agency ruined the concept of teams. Yes, there are times when a few of the core players of a winning team return for a few years and help with the continuity. I’d argue that it’s more of the exception than the rule. I sometimes tune into the NBA season in January and am amazed at how different teams look from the previous year.

Look a what just happened in the NBA with Kevin Durant. Last year he was on The Oklahoma City Thunder. This year he will be on the team that knocked his old team out of the playoffs, the Golden State Warriors. What is you hated Kevin Durant and his style of play, or his attitude while he was with OKC? Are you supposed to just totally disregard that and say that everything is ok now that he is on your team?

What are you supposed to do when all your life you vote for one particular party based on a belief system of limited government and personal freedom and the new head of your party has no interest in any of that kind of rubbish. What if the leader of your particular party is one of the worst liars in world history and has been caught repeatedly lying and has no intention of apologizing. They are on your team now. Do you support them blindly?

I say no. I say hell no.


Why not be and independent  thinker. An unrestricted free agent. Imagine living your life where you are free to choose who to affiliate yourself with and are allowed to change your association at will. I find it pretty freeing.

I am not loyal to any sports teams, political parties or any organization. I have seen how people act when money and power come into the picture. I keep my options open and remain true to those who are true to me. That is generally a small group of humans…not organizations.

I’m on Team Craddock. We are a small bunch, but we sure know how to play the game of life.

I feel it is beyond time to think independently and maybe e can re-think the concept of a “team” in the new millennium.


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